Thursday, April 26, 2007

2007 Pentecost Rapture?

Does this year portent big things to come? Will the rapture happen this year? Will it happen on Pentecost the birthday of the church? I think the rapture could happen on a Pentecost bcos the day for the birth of the church is also the day when the church is ended. Many people say it's the feast of trumpets, which is also likely, but this feast could be when Jesus comes again a second time to reveal himself. Then comes Day of Atonement when the Jews will mourn for Him. Then comes Feast of Tebernacles where Jesus sets up His kingdom here on earth forever. But I am just not sure bcos I don't know much about the Jewish feasts. And the rapture timing is unknown to all men. But this year 2007 is very likely for the rapture. It's 40 yrs after the capture of Jerusalem - a whole generation. I don't see how God could drag any further except for His mercy. I am really watching this year. Many signs are already there. I will be praying in the National Stadium come Pentecost 2007 on the Global Day of Prayer and I hope I can make it to heaven.

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Blogger Blaurock said...

I'm thinking along the same lines - good to read your post! The feast of pentecost is full of wonderful types and shadows of the church. The book of Ruth is read in Jewish celebrations on this day, a remarkable story of a gentile "bride" being married to her Jewish "kinsmen redeemer". Beautiful... So many other interesting parallels as well.. Enoch born and raptured (traditionally) on this day, David born and died on this day, the Law given on this day, The Holy Spirit descending on the church on this day as well... Since the law and the Holy Spirit both came in the morning, I'm anticipating an early morning event - I'm sure I'll be up all night praying and worshipping!

God bless you...

10:46 AM  
Blogger Sinner saved by grace said...

On hindsight, the rapture did not happen. I guess nobody really knows the date or time of the rapture. Who knows? It might happen on another Pentecost but Rosh Hashana is also a great contender for the rapture date.

11:56 PM  

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