Friday, April 27, 2007

The rapture is a mystery

The rapture was hidden from the apostles when Jesus was around so it wasn't mentioned in the gospels but only alluded to. It was revealed to Paul when Jesus was resurrected. Paul said it was a mystery that not all will die but some will be raptured. A careful and diligent search of the bible will prove that pre-trib rapture is supported and many will be left behind to face tribulation. These are those who haven't accepted Jesus as their Saviour. It is still debatable whether all or only some Christians will go up. I tend to believe all irregardless of stage of maturity will go up. But some tend to think that those lukewarm will be left behind. But if so, why Jesus also say He will rather them be hot or COLD? This is not refering to cold Christians but refering to the quality of the water that flowed into Laodicea. Bcos Laodicea had no hot springs, it had to drain the hot water from a distance and when the water reached the city, it had turned lukewarm which was useless. So similarly I think He wasn't talking about lukewarm Christians but about non believers in modern day churches who haven't repented but trust in riches. He wanted them to repent but Christians have already repented when they believed in Jesus. So don't feel condemned. But to play safe, pls live a sanctified life as much as possible so there won't be a chance of you being left behind. Seek God while He may be found. The night is coming where no man can work.

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